6 Early Signs of Hemorrhoids

The signs of hemorrhoids are really cumbersome. Hemorrhoids are veins that normally exists inside and surrounding the anal area. But then, these veins could get aggravated by pressure or straining leading to extreme swelling. Some of the contributory factors include chronic diarrhea or constipation, old age, pregnancy and heredity.

How Common It Is?

Hemorrhoids could occur in both female and male population. In fact, around 50% of the world’s population can have this condition as they reach the age 50. In women, hemorrhoids are more common during pregnancy. The hormonal changes and pressure caused by the growing fetus leads to the enlargement of the vessels in the anus. Other than this, the actual childbirth causes immense pressure. Yet, for pregnant women, such problem may be temporary.

The Signs of Hemorrhoids and Its Symptoms

signs of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can cause serious problems to you. Most probably, you are already experiencing the trouble while you are reading this. Here are the 6 most common signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids:

1. Pain. External hemorrhoids can be extremely painful unlike the internal type. But in case of internal hemorrhoids, the swollen veins could bulge and be very painful. This is because the veins are squeezed by the anal muscles. Extreme pain is a major sign that the vein is out of blood supply. In such case, emergency measures should be performed.

2. Itchiness. This is a common complaint of persons with hemorrhoids. I have been through this as well. This can happen since hemorrhoids seeps in mucus that can cause irritation to the skin of the anus. Frequent scratching can result to damaged skin and tissue integrity in the affected area.

3. Burning sensation. You may feel that your anus is like burning. This is because of the inflamed and irritated tissues in the swollen veins. This can be too uncomfortable, believe me.

4. The Urge. You may feel like still wanting to pass stool even after your bowel movement. This may cause discomfort. You may experience this, especially when the hemorrhoids bulge in the end part of your large intestine. The bigger your hemorrhoids are, the greater the discomfort you will experience.

5. Irritation. Huge hemorrhoids that come out of the anus may produce mucus that can cause slight irritation to the surrounding skin tissues.

6. Bleeding. Bright red bleeding each time you pass stool. Oftentimes, the blood covers the stool and at times, you may see it in the toilet bowl or toilet paper.

These are the most common signs of hemorrhoids. You have probably experienced some or most of these. Surgery is usually required to eliminate the blood clots in cases where bleeding hemorrhoids produce clots. Extreme bleeding can also take place resulting too anemia caused by iron deficiency. Though this happen, the possibilities are very low.

When to Call the Doctor?

It is advisable to call your doctor if the symptoms of hemorrhoids do not fade away after home treatments. Also, frequent rectal bleeding could be a sign of other serious conditions such as rectal cancer. When this is the case, your health provider may wish to investigate more on the bleeding cause.

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