Anuice Review

This is our very own Anuice review and is our highly recommended hemorrhoids treatment product that really works.

You may have heard about ‘Anuice – FDA approved medical device for hemorrhoids treatment’ and wondered whether it is effective against hemorrhoids. Before anything else, you need to know that it is not a drug, but a medical device used to treat hemorrhoids through the application of cryotherapy.

With this review, you will learn how to achieve the best results and why Anuice is a well designed product to treat both external and internal hemorrhoids.

Anuice – What Is It?

Anuice is a highly popular medical device that utilized cold therapy for treating hemorrhoids. It is the product of CPRPI or Cryotherapy Pain Relief Products Incorprated. It is made from high applicator which houses the coolant.

Anuice Review

This product is reusable, easy to use and retains cold better than ice. When not in use, it should be kept inside the specialized container. Not similar to ice that easily melts, Anuice is capable of impacting cold on the hemorrhoidal tissues for as long as 5-10 minutes.

anuice - FDA approved medical device for hemorrhoids treatment

The form of cold therapy that is provided by Anuice is guaranteed effective in hemorrhoid treatment. It can reduce swelling and itching, relieve pain and eventually shrink hemorrhoids along with stopping the bleeding.

Anuice Review – How To Use?

Anuice is like ice since it relieves pain and swelling in a similar way like ice. But the greatest benefit with this product is that it the applicator can be put inside the anus to aid in treating internal hemorrhoids.

how to use anuice
This should be kept in the freezer to maintain its frozen state. It can be used numerous times each day over a week or several days for more effectiveness. This looks like a tiny bottle made from plastic that contains a cold, gel like substance that is very effective in treating hemorrhoids.

The best way to use it is to apply for 2-4 times each day for about 5 minutes. The application time can be longer especially for more severe hemorrhoids.

How It Works?

Anuice works under the principle of cryotherapy. Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels. One of the treatments includes cauterization which involves heat or cold application to stop bleeding hemorrhoids and to shrivel it as well. Cryotherapy is the simplest type of cauterization applicable in treating hemorrhoids.

where to buy anuiceThis treatment involves the use of coolants such as the Anuice gel into the affected area to:

  • Destroy the cells of blood vessels
  • Diminish cellular metabolism
  • Shrink lesions and tissues
  • Lessen nerve conduction
  • Lessen pain, spasm and inflammation

Is It Safe and Effective?

The greatest thing about Anuice is that it is not a medication. It is actually a medical device that works like ice. It is non-invasive and safe for adults and children even pregnant women with no known side effects.

When used according to directions, this product can promote fast healing of hemorrhoids. It may not work for everyone, but this certainly works for almost anyone. Plus, it can be used alone without the need of other hemorrhoid OTC products. Overall, this FDA certified hemorrhoid treatment comes all positive in terms of effectiveness and safety.

Where to Buy Anuice?

You can buy Anuice from the official website of Spain. But you can also buy Anuice at in order to get the best price avaliable and most wonderful results within the fastest time possible. After a detailed price research for the best price online Amazon wins.

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Overall, Anuice is one of the best and most effective hemorrhoids treatment products around that offers no side effects. As per our own experience, Anuice is one of our highly recommended producs.

Now you have reached the end of our Anuice review, if you have any other queries related Anuice feel free to contacu us!

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