What is the Best Horse Chestnut Seed Extract Product For Hemorrhoids Treatment?

Do you wonder what is the best horse chestnut seed extract product for hemorrhoids treatment? As per our experience, the horse chestnut itself is pretty good, like I said, it gets the job done.

Horse Chestnut products are getting popular for providing hemorrhoids relief. Traditionally, horse chestnut (aesculus hippocastanum) was used as a remedy for health conditions involving the veins in the legs related to poor blood flow. It was also extensively used as an anti-inflammatory agent throughout Europe. Nowadays, a wide variety of horse chestnut products could treat a wide variety of venous illnesses including hemorrhoids.

Our Votes for the Best Horse Chestnut Seed Extract Product for Hemorrhoids Treatment and Comparison Chart

best horse chestnut seed extract product for hemorrhoids treatment

Price Guide >> $: Under $20 | $$: Between $20 to $40 | $$$: Between $40 to $60 | $$$$: More than $60

noNature's Way Horsechestnut Standardized ExtractCapsule$4.1
noHorse Chestnut Extract 400mg Solaray 60 CapsCapsule$4.7

Planetary Formulas Horse Chestnut CreamCream$3.6
noNature's Answer Horsechestnut SeedCapsule$4.1
noNow Foods Horse Chestnut Extract 300mg CapsulesCapsule$4.4

Horse Chestnut Seed Extract Product Benefits

horse chestnut for hemorrhoids
A wide variety of horse chestnut products are proven to be effective in treating piles due to the many benefits. Primarily, the horse chestnut herb itself possesses anti-inflammatory and astringent properties that tones or shrinks swollen blood vessels.

The seeds also act as tonic, expectorant and decongestant that have been helpful in treating conditions such as hemorrhoids. This plant can be very effective in managing swelling since it can maintain the normal tone of veins while enhancing blood circulation.

Making the veins back to its normal state is the main action of horse chest nut plant making hemorrhoids products made from horse chestnut extract successful.

Horse Chestnut Extract Products Side Effects

Using horse chestnut extract products normally does not pose serious side effects. However, in some cases, side effects may develop such as dizziness, headache and upset stomach. Although this may make your urine red, this is something you should not worry since it is harmless.

Moreover, such products can trigger low blood sugar so diabetic patients should observe symptoms of hypoglycemia such as cold sweat and chills when taking horse chestnut products. Allergy to these products is not common, but it is best to consult the doctor if swelling, itching and rashes occur.

Horse Chestnut Extract Products – What’s Your Choice?

What is the best horse chestnut product out there? Find out from these great formulations:

Nature’s Way Horse Chestnut Standardized Extract Capsules

Natures Way Horse Chestnut Standardized Extract CapsulesHorse Chestnut Standardized Extract is an anti-hemorrhoids product in capsule preparation. Each capsule is made from 20 aescin that is standardized to perfection. Aescin is a variety of saponin that is known clinically to promote healthy blood flow particularly to the blood vessels in the lower parts of the body.

Each bottle contains 90 capsules which is good for 6 weeks use. Consume 1 capsule twice a day with water or food and experience fast relief from piles symptoms and the hemorrhoids itself in no time. It is highly effective and can totally reduce the swelling after a few weeks of usage. Truly, a miracle product!

Soloray Horse Chestnut Extract Capsules

Soloray Horse Chestnut Extract CapsulesHorse Chestnut Extract Capsules by Soloray is a highly successful anti-hemorrhoid product made from the seed extract standardized to a saponin called aescin. It is proven to tone the blood vessels and also acts as an antioxidant. One bottle contains 60 capsules of 400 mg each. The dosage should be 1-2 capsules a day with food or water.

It is regarded by many happy and satisfied users as a wonder supplement asit provides healing to the piles and other conditions involving the blood vessels. It could relieve swelling of the blood vessels in the rectum and anal area allowing all other symptoms associated with hemorrhoids go away completely.

Planetary Formulas Horse Chestnut Cream

Planetary Formulas Horse Chestnut CreamPlanetary Formulas horse chestnut cream works against hemorrhoids by toning or shrinking the swollen blood vessels. This cream can also improve the integrity of capillary and veins preventing the incidence of bleeding. It is standardized to aescin by as much as 20%. Being an astringent to hemorrhoids, it can be very effective in reducing the size and eventually totally eliminating it.

Its main ingredients include aloe vera, beeswax, glycerin, jojoba oil, natural Vitamin E and other substances that promote hemorrhoids healing. It should be massaged onto the skin day and night for around 4-6 weeks for best results.

Nature’s Answer Horse Chestnut Seed Extract Capsules

Natures Answer Horse Chestnut Seed Extract CapsulesNature’s Answer Horse Chestnut Seed Extract is an anti-hemorrhoids product filled with B-aescin that is known to promote healthy circulation and tone of blood vessels. Aescin as a standardized extract is proven to have a marker compound for higher potency.

It is a vascular supplement that significantly helps in improving the integrity of blood vessels and at the same time shrinking hemorrhoids. 1-2 capsules of this capsule a day can help eliminate painful, itchy and unsettling hemorrhoids.

Now Foods Horse Chestnut Extract Capsules

Now Foods Horse Chestnut Extract CapsulesNow Foods Horse Chestnut Extract Capsules can be described as herbal supplements for circulatory support. It is formulated using standardized extract known as aescin combined with horse chestnut for more effective relief from hemorrhoids and other vascular diseases. This product is rich in flavones and saponins that are clinically proven to sustain the integrity of connective and vascular tissues.

Take 1-2 capsules each day and you will see and feel your piles reducing in size and free from discomforting symptoms like pain and itching.

Our Questions and Your Thoughts

horse chestnut cream

Now our best horse chestnut seed extract product for hemorrhoids treatment brief reviews have ended. Our question is… have you been trying to horse chestnut? Have you used horse chestnut as a hemorrhoids treatment? Just how has it been working? We would like to hear your ideas or problems… so please do not hesitate to add to the comments here.

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