Hemorrhoids Surgery: Types of Hemorrhoids Surgery Treatments

If you searched for hemorrhoids surgery for any reason, you’ve come to the right place.

Generally, hemorrhoids do not really need surgery. However, in severe cases, surgical interventions may be prescribed by your doctor. Such procedures can be performed when all other measures have failed and the symptoms have become too disturbing that your daily living has already been affected.

Some of the piles symptoms that may indicate the need of surgery include severe pain, uncontrolled bleeding and the presence of pus. With internal hemorrhoids, the last resort is hemorrhoidectomy. While in external hemorrhoids, surgery is not also requires unless the condition has become so burdensome.

hemorrhoids surgery

There are different types of hemorrhoids surgery giving you more option for treatment. When surgery is your only way to get out of the uncomfortable situation, you certainly have to make a decision. So, here are some of the hemorrhoids surgery options that you should know about:


Hemorrhoidectomy is a procedure that removes hemorrhoidal tissues that contain vessels. This is usually recommended if the piles are too large that it causes bleefing and rectal pain. Hemorrhoidectomy hemorrhoids surgery cost is roughly $1,000 to $13,000. It is classified into two as follows:

  • Stapled hemorrhoidopexy – In this, only a hemorrhoidal tissue portion is removed. The excess tissues are then lifted up inside the anus and put into pace by stapling. This procedure involves shorter period for recovery and less pain, but this is not recommended for external hemorrhoids that are too large.
  • Excisional hemorrhoidectomy – This surgery involves the removal of hemorrhoidal tissue through cutting. In this, the surgeon has the option to let the wound tissue open, but most surgeons prefer to have it closed by stitching.

Laser Surgery: Cauterization

This procedure is performed by using laser to burn the swollen veins. The entire process is painless and does not involve cutting making this surgical treatment extremely popular to hemorrhoids sufferers. Laser surgery also involves the least chances of developing infection compared to other surgical methods. Hemorrhoids laser surgery cost is roughly $500 each procedure. With an average of 4 procedures per patient.

Rubber Band Ligation

In this, small pieces of rubber bands are used to tie the base of the hemorrhoids which is followed by a tight wrap. The hemorrhoids blood supply is put to stop making it die naturally. The great thing about rubber band ligation is that it is applicable to internal hemorrhoids. Plus, it only leaves minimal scar after the condition have healed or hemorrhoid surgery recovery. Rubber band ligation hemorrhoids surgery cost is roughly $1,000 to $1,500 each procedure. With an average of 2-8 procedures needed per patient.


In this procedure, the piles are frozen until the blood vessels die. It is also effective to both prolapsed internal and external hemorrhoids.  There is no need to use a surgical knife to cut or make incisions and is convenient and painless since it can be performed on an out patient basis. But this procedure is now obsolete and rarely used.

Cauterization or Coagulation

This involves burning the hemorrhoids with the use of infrared light or infrared probe. The burn seals the hemorrhoids in a painless manner causing it to shrink or totally close. This procedure is most recommended for this condition that have prolapsed. But lately, this procedure is rarely used.

Conclusion Of Hemorrhoids Surgery

Now you understand what is the hemorrhoids surgery and types of surgery treatments. Surgical treatments for hemorrhoids can treat the condition effectively. But then, you should also incorporate lifestyle and dietary changes to prevent hemorrhoids from coming back.

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