How to Get Rid Of Constipation Fast: Natural Constipation Remedies

Want to learn how to get rid of constipation fast at home? In this article, you’re going to discover scientifically proven 5 ways to treat constipation quickly, easily and safely.

Constipation is a very uncomfortable feeling since it can give you cramps, stomach pains and most of all – hemorrhoids. Piles or hemorrhoids can be very excruciating and uncomfortable aside from the fact that they are unsightly. Since one of the major causes of hemorrhoids is constipation, you should learn how to address this condition properly in order to find relief from hemorrhoids.

So How to Get Rid of Constipation Fast? And How Constipation Can Be Cured Naturally?

There are many discomforts associated with constipation, but the good thing is that it can be treated naturally. In order to help you get away from constipations and its complications, here are a few advice:

how to get rid of constipation fast

1. Hydrate

Lack of fluids could result to constipation or hard stools. In order to cure constipation, it is highly recommended to drink 8 glasses of water each day. Ideally, a glass of lukewarm water as soon as you wake up in the morning can fight constipation. Some prefer warm tea in the morning or warm milk before going to sleep. Lack of water or fluids in the diet could harden the stools making it hard to expel. The idea here is to drink plenty of fluids as much as possible to reduce the risk of constipation.

2. Fiber

Increase your fiber intake in order to eliminate constipation. Fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, legumes, nuts and cereals can be your excellent sources of fiber. The fiber in the diet can act as roughage making bowel movements easier and strain free. Soluble fiber transforms into gel which makes the stool moist and easy to eliminate while the insoluble ones provides bulk. The body needs about 20-30 grams of dietary fiber each day so make an effort to consume foods that are rich in fiber to aid your body in proper digestion and bowel movements.

3. Bowel Habits

Make it a habit to pass out stool every morning. Stimulate bowel movement; sit on your toilet for around 10 minutes until you feel the urge. It is also advisable not to delay bowel movements or ignore your urge to pass stools since this could lead to two things: constipation and irregular elimination. Furthermore, make it a habit to relax during bowel movements. Do not strain and focus on your body rhythm to effectively expel without difficulty.

4. Regular Exercise

Regular physical activities can stimulate your metabolism. This means, your bowel movements will be more regular too. The exercise does not have to be extreme. In fact, walking for a few minutes each day is enough to keep your body going. It will be great if you can adopt a physical activity that you will really enjoy like a sport or a hobby like gardening.

5. Natural supplements

Another way to eliminate constipation is to use natural detox or cleansing supplements. These can help in neutralizing toxins and flushing body wastes. These natural supplements can also prevent diseases like colon cancer and aid in enhancing metabolism.

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Constipation should not hunt you for the rest of your life. These are simple and easy ways to get rid of this problem before it leads to more serious health conditions.

Now you have reached the end of this article. If you like this post, share it with other constipation sufferers because this helps other people in their problem solving and decision making process. If you have any kind of comment regarding how to get rid of constipation fast, kindly drop your comment at the end of this article!

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