How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Naturally

If you are considering getting into home remedies for hemorrhoids, it is crucial to understand how to get rid of hemorrhoids naturally.

In this article, I will cover the subject of natural home remedies for hemorrhoids treatment.

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids

how to get rid of hemorrhoids naturally

Hemorrhoids or piles can be pretty painful and annoying though it is not really a serious health condition. These are swollen veins in the rectum and anus which can rupture when becomes worse or not given proper attention. The treatments for hemorrhoids can be pretty simple and does not require expensive medications.

Most of the time, home remedies can be used to alleviate the pain and other symptoms associated with hemorrhoids. So, you should know about these easy and natural health treatments if you are among the sufferers of hemorrhoids. Having these remedies will help you experience relief within the shortest time possible.

7 Quick Tips On How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Naturally

Here are the following natural treatments for piles that you may try:

get rid of hemorrhoids naturally cold therapy

1. Cold Therapy

Using ice packs is an effective way of treating hemorrhoids at home. Just apply it on the affected area for about 5-10 minutes a few times each day and the symptoms like burning sensation, itching and others will be temporarily gone.

natural ways to get rid of hemorrhoids witch hazel pads

2. Witch Hazel Pads

Use witch hazel pads to achieve temporary relief from itching, pain and burning. Witch hazel is a plant that has anti-inflammatory properties that help in healing swollen rectum veins making it one of the most effective treatments for hemorrhoids.

how to naturally get rid of hemorrhoids sitz bath

3. Sitz Bath

Sitz bath can be performed by filling a tub or a sitz bath toilet with warm water and then sitting on it for 10-15 minutes each day preferably after bowel movements. This treatment can help alleviate swelling, burning and itching often felt after passing stool.

getting rid of hemorrhoids naturally changes in diet

4. Changes in Diet

Modifying your diet is another good way of treating hemorrhoids the natural way. This method does not only treat hemorrhoids, but also prevent its occurrence. If your hemorrhoid is making you suffer, you may try to increase fiber in your diet. This means eating plenty of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Other than this, you should also increase your water intake. These things can help promote bowel movement and soften your stool.

natural remedies exercise

5. Exercise

Physical activity such as simple walking can prevent direct strain on the rectum. You may try this for about 5 to 10 minutes each hour and you will see a significant improvement.

natural remedies hemorrhoids avoid scratching

6. Avoid Scratching

Although scratching can make the symptoms go away temporarily, doing this can actually cause damage to the walls of your rectum veins resulting to more complications.

home hemorrhoid treatment aloe and other herbs

7. Aloe and Other Herbs

The gel of aloe vera plant can offer relied to hemorrhoids. It provides a soothing effect and at the same time promotes healing. Other herbs that can be used to treat hemorrhoids include butchers broom which works best for almost all circulatory ailments especially the ones involving the veins. Another is white oak bark that can aid in normalizing bleeding and reducing swelling.


Typically, hemorrhoids go away after a few days after the application of natural treatments. However, there are some types of hemorrhoids that require more advanced interventions such as surgery. At an early stage, the natural treatments mentioned above can be very effective, but in some cases, appropriate medical attention is needed to resolve the condition.

If you have any additional questions on how to get rid of hemorrhoids naturally, please feel free to comment below, I will take care of it with pleasure.

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