How To Prevent Hemorrhoids?

How to prevent hemorrhoids. The pain, itching and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids or piles can be so unsettling. So, you certainly want to learn how to prevent hemorrhoids from occurring. The steps in preventing this problem can be fairly simple and by following these, you can become free from the worrying symptoms of the condition.

So How To Prevent Hemorrhoids from Occurring?

We’ll go straight to the point. Here are 6 guaranteed ways to prevent hemorrhoids:

How To Prevent Hemorrhoids

1. Understand the Condition

One of the most effective prevention methods is to understand what hemorrhoids are along with the causes. Basically, piles are the swollen blood vessels in the anal area which are often a result of too much pressure on the tissues surrounding the area. It can be internal or disorder that develop inside the anal canal or the external type which are the condition that develops on the outer surface of the rectum.

There are many known causes of this condition and some of the most common are the following: constipation, pregnancy, prolonged sitting, poor bowel habits, obesity and more.

2. Fiber and Fluids

To prevent hemorrhoids, you need to make sure that your stools are soft and can be passed out easily. Take note that constipation is among the major causative factors of this condition. Straining during bowel movements can increase the pressure on your anus and rectum predisposing you to developing this trouble. Some of the things that you can do are as follows:

  • Consume a diet rich in fiber – foods to take include cereals, whole grains, fruits and vegetables etc.
  • Take fiber supplements such as psyllium if necessary
  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking 8-10 glasses of fluids – water, milk and juices

3. Healthy Bowel Practices

Regular passing of stools can significantly help in decreasing straining and pressure to your rectum and surrounding tissues. So, practice healthy bowel habits like emptying as soon as you experience the urge. Avoid delaying bowel movements since this could make you constipated. If constipation is your major problem, you may want to consider bowel retraining. Performing regular exercise can also facilitate easy emptying reducing the risks of getting hemorrhoids. It does not have to be intense, but do it regularly as this can do so much.

Kegel’s exercise is ideal since it strengthens your pelvic muscles and enhances circulation in the area.

4. Squatting Position to Prevent Hemorrhoids

squatting position to prevent hemorrhoidsSome people favor to have bowel movements just in the home and will certainly go to terrific sizes to stay clear of using a public toilet. If the hold-up is too lengthy or too regular, neglecting the urge to go meaning could cause constipation and fecal compaction, both toxic colon.

One suggested method to prevent and treat hemorrhoids is to squat for defaecation. Getting a foot stool a few feet up or make an initiative to squat with your feet on the seat to prevent or heal this condition.

5. Relax

As much as possible, remain relaxed while passing stool. Do not strain and try to follow the rhythm of your body. This technique will reduce the chances of developing the condition or making internal piles to slip outside.

6. Avoid Prolonged Sitting or Standing

Sitting or sitting for lengthy periods can put too much pressure on the veins of your rectum and the pelvic area resulting to disease. What you can do is to take repeated breaks to take some walk when you sit all the time or sit and relax if you are standing all the time.

If hemorrhoids still occur or your existing hemorrhoids do not settle down after following the methods above, you should consult the doctor in order to get the best recommendation for your condition. Prevention is always better than cure, but in worst case scenarios, consultation with the doctor is your best option.

Now you understand how to prevent hemorrhoids to save on your own from all the issues, so do not let a lack of know-how stop you from doing something about, it is essential to take action to protect you and your family from the hemorrhoids problems.

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