Laser Surgery for Hemorrhoids Treatment

Laser surgery for hemorrhoids treatment is used in situations whereby the hemorrhoids related symptoms become too painful to bear.

Sometimes, your hemorrhoids may end up showing little or no improvement with the regular medication. The only solution for dealing with these types of situations, especially when it comes to internal hemorrhoids, is surgery.

There are is a wide range of surgical methods used in the removal of hemorrhoids, laser surgery being among the most effective. The laser treatment is a very simple, harmless yet effective procedure.

Here is a brief overview of this procedure so that you may know what you will undergo in case it is a treatment option you are considering.

Laser Laser Surgery for Hemorrhoids Treatment – Laser Hemorrhoidectomy Procedure

Laser therapy can be used in the hardening and scarring of the internal hemorrhoids. In this procedure, the hemorrhoid is completely vaporized with the use of carbon dioxide or a laser beam. The smaller sized beam of the laser improves the accuracy and the precision of the procedure. In addition, the thinness of the laser beam is a factor which contributes to swift and unimpaired healing after the procedure. This particular procedure is completely painless, making it a very smooth procedure for you as a patient. Most of the individuals who undergo this procedure tend to have first, second or even third degree hemorrhoids in their anal area.

Why should you go for the Laser surgery?

  • As already indicated, it is a very painless procedure with quick healing
  • In roughly 98% of the cases, there is no need for patient hospitalization after the procedure. Therefore, you can get back home the same day after the procedure
  • Since no smoke or steam is involved in the process, there is completely no sparking making it much safer.
  • A variety of other medical complications due to tissue death, for instance are avoided. This is because during the procedure, no tissue is damaged around the region affected by the hemorrhoid
  • The use of laser ensures that you will have very little bleeding since the laser also tends to seal the vessels.
  • The hemorrhoid laser procedure technique vs rubber band ligation

Laser Surgery for Hemorrhoids Treatment

Limitations of the Laser surgery for hemorrhoids treatment

As much as the laser surgery for hemorrhoids treatment is beneficial, there are also a few demerits that that are accompanied with the procedures. In fact, some of these disadvantages do not directly impact you and some are faced by the surgical experts who take you through the procedure. They include;

  • Sometimes, these surgeries have been known to cause some fires
  • The laser equipment required for the procedure is quite expensive. Due to this this treatment may not be readily available in some parts of the world
  • The surgical experts in the operation room must put on special protective goggles
  • In case of the laser cuts a healthy tissue in the process, it could lead to severe damage of the tissue accompanied by uncontrolled bleeding


I trust that the information you have read so far has helped you understand why this procedure has a lot of reputation in the destruction of hemorrhoids. You should not worry a lot about the disadvantages stated since they rarely occur. If you have set your mind on laser surgery for hemorrhoids treatment, by now, you are already equipped with the necessary facts and figures of the procedure.

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