Top Medical Websites

Top Medical WebsitesHemorrhoid is a common topic on medical websites. In fact, the entire medical community, hemorrhoid sufferers and just about anyone is talking about it.

Since these online journals for medical information can be, so plentiful, it can be overwhelming where to get the info. To help you out, try out these credible medical sites and get the right information about your health.

Here is a list of the top medical websites you should pay a visit:


Web MD offers massive information on health as well as tools so that you can easily and correctly manage your health. It has an answer to every health condition from A-Z, and all its contents are continuously evaluated to ensure timeliness and accuracy. No doubt, it is the king in the health information arena.

Health Central

It offers a website library giving reliable health information from physicians, other health professionals, researchers and even patients. In Health Central, you will also see the latest news, videos and other media content about subjects related to health.

Medline Plus

It offers trusted medical information for everyone. The health topics in Medline Plus are from anywhere from general medical conditions to health in men, women, children and the elderly. It also comes with cool tools and videos making it more useful to users.

Mayo Clinic

If you are looking for precise answers and the best health advice, Mayo Clinic is definitely one of the best one available. It offers general and patient care information from thousands of doctors, researchers and scientists. It is the perfect place to seek health care online.

Medicine Online

From information to various health conditions or disease to medical references, Medicine Online has it all. It is also packed with the current health news and updates that are interesting, relevant and very beneficial.

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

This site can turn all discoveries into health. NIH is currently one of the most reliable sources of health information and medical news and researches. It also features very useful tools like that will help in health management like the free planners containing health tips.

Local Health

This site is among the leading providers of online medical information globally. Local Health is an objective, independent source of conventional and factual information not only for the medical professionals, but the consumers as well.

Merck Manuals

This is the perfect online source for medical professionals and any individual. The Merck Manuals is highly dedicated to bringing medicine to the highest. It offers a series of medical books for consumers and the health care team.

National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse (NDDIC)

NDDIC offers publications, tools, news and resources about various medical topics including hemorrhoids or piles. This site will make you more aware about your health and what you can do to deal with it properly.

American Herbal Products Association (AHPA)

This site keeps you updates of the latest medical reports, products and treatments available to deal with various medical diseases and conditions. It also features a database that allows users to get access to hundreds of new dietary ingredient notice by the FDA.

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