What Are The Causes of Hemorrhoids?

Many people are suffering from hemorrhoids or piles. Thus, the exact causes of hemorrhoids should be determined so that appropriate treatments can be applied. With this, you need to know what hemorrhoids are and the factors that lead to its occurrence.

Hemorrhoids Overview

There is exactly no precise hemorrhoids description. However, it can be referred to as the clumps or masses of tissue that can be found in the anal area or canal. It can be internal type or within or the external type. The canal is surrounded by blood vessels while the tissues are composed of elastic fibers and muscles. The canal is best described as the last portion of where the stool gets out the anus which is the opening of the canal.

Causes Of Hemorrhoids

Although a lot of individuals think that hemorrhoids are not normal, it is found in each and everyone. What causes the problem is when the cushions grow bigger causing painful piles which are already a disease or a problem.

The Main Causes of Hemorrhoids

What are the causes of hemorrhoids? You should know deeply about this subject as this will help you avoid problems in the future. Here are the main reasons why your current conditions are causing you big problems:

1. Increased pressure – Hemorrhoids are generally caused by too much pressure on the blood vessels in the rectum and pelvic area. When the pressure elevates, the blood collects in the veins leading to swelling. Over time, these swollen veins will stretch out to the tissues and this result the development of piles.

2. Poor bowel habits – Bowel habits that result to elevated pressure can contribute to piles development. This may include hurrying to accomplish bowel movements. Rushing can result to too much pressure and straining to the veins of your rectum.

3. Persistent constipation or diarrhea – Any of these two conditions may cause increased pressure and tension on the veins of your rectum. Hence, you should implement measures to cure these conditions before it could contribute to severe hemorrhoids.

4. Obesity – Being overweight especially if your pelvis or abdomen is too big could cause an increased pressure on the veins of your pelvis leading to the development of piles.

5. Pregnancy and childbirth – You may not know about it, but pregnancy and hemorrhoids are two related things. When pregnant, hormonal changes could promote elevated blood flow to your anal and pelvic area. The change in hormones could also soften surrounding tissues while the fetus is causing too much tension on your vessels. During childbirth, severe hemorrhoids may develop due to the extreme pressure on the rectum brought about by pushing.

6. Other medical conditions – Long term medical conditions or diseases that affect the liver and the heard may make the blood collect in the pelvic and abdomen area. This causes the veins to enlarge and this triggers piles.

Knowing what causes hemorrhoids is essential, so you can prevent it or stop it from taking place again in the future once healed. Having the best knowledge about your condition is the best cure as long term effects will always be ascertained.

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