What Is The Best Diet for Hemorrhoids

What would be the best diet for hemorrhoids and what foods should you stay away from?

Hemorrhoids or piles are described as inflamed veins in the rectum and anus. This condition affects about 80% of the world’s population. This is usually caused by increased pressure on the rectal veins and other factors such as obesity, straining when passing stool, pregnancy and other factors. The good news is that, this ailment can be treated naturally through proper diet.

What Is The Best Diet for Hemorrhoids?

The most common cause of hemorrhoids is straining brought by constipation which is highly related to inappropriate diet. For this, proper diet can be one of the most effective means of preventing and relieving the symptoms of hemorrhoids. With this, you should have a diet plan, so that you can get rid of hemorrhoids the natural way.

Foods Recommended For Hemorrhoid Sufferers

best diet for hemorrhoids

The hemorrhoids diet is generally high is low in carbohydrates and high in dietary fiber. Unfortunately, most people fail to consume the right levels of fiber each day which is about 25-30 grams. If you are of these people, you should learn about which fiber rich foods to take to promote healthier digestion and bowel movement.

Here are some of the best foods for hemorrhoids sufferers:

Fresh vegetables and fruits.

Great examples include celery, leeks, spinach, peaches, apricots, melon and oranges are some of the best sources of fiber. It is highly advised to eat these whole since juicing could reduce most of the fiber in the food.

Whole grains.

This includes whole barley, whole wheat, oats, brown rice and similar food items.

Different variety of beans.

Beans like chickpeas, black beans, split beans and kidney beans are excellent sources of fiber.

Apart from these, other good sources of fiber includes the following:

Seeds and nuts.

Sesame seeds and walnuts are some of the examples. These can relieve hemorrhoids symptoms such as bleeding. Its high Vitamin E content is also capable of reducing inflammation and promoting healing.


This is a great stool softener making bowel movements a lot easier. Hence, this also works amazingly in treating hemorrhoids brought by constipation.

The Role of Water

Water is extremely essential since the fiber content in foods you take requires water to become effective. Drinking one glass of water each morning can have a positive effect on preventing hemorrhoids. This could soften your stool and promote healthy bowel movement which is vital in alleviating hemorrhoid symptoms. Adding a little amount of honey can also be beneficial.

What Are The Foods To Avoid?

Treating hemorrhoids or piles through diet should also involve avoiding foods that can make the hemorrhoids symptoms a lot worse. Here are some of them:

Spicy food items.

This include ginger, pepper, onions, chili and more. These could cause irritation and make the hemorrhoids extremely painful.

Processed foods.

Canned goods, ready dishes, sodas, white bread and other kinds of processed foods contain high salt or fat contents that could aggravate hemorrhoids even further.

Alcohol and caffeine.

Alcohol, coffee and tea can cause irritation and dehydration that could complicate hemorrhoids.


By following a strict hemorrhoid diet combined with health practices and lifestyle, your hemorrhoids will surely go away within a short time. So, design your best diet for hemorrhoids and take action.

foods for hemorrhoids

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